Andre Horne (Life Center Academy, NJ) Q&A With Premo Hoops

I recently had the chance to sit down and speak with junior guard Andre Horne (Life Center Academy, NJ) we discussed the recruiting process, summer AAU circuit and goals for the future. Andre will be joining a very talented Life Center team this year after spending his sophomore year at Hodgson (DE) and earning 1st team All-State honors.

PHR: What schools have shown interest so far in your recruiting process?

AH: St.Joseph, Drexel, VCU, Detroit, Niagara, Florida, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Iona, Va tech, Old Dominion, Yale, St.Francis, George Mason, Florida State and others.

PHR: Do you have any offers yet?

AH: No not right now.

PHR: What schools are on your list right now?

AH: Pittsburgh, Florida, St. Joseph and Virginia Tech

PHR: Do you have a top 3 or 5 right now?

AH: No not yet.

PHR: Have you taken any unofficial visits yet?

AH: No not yet but I will be setting up some visits in the near future.
PHR: What are you looking for in a program and school?

AH: A team that fits my style of play, a good coach that will help me get to the next level, and to have a good relationship with my teammates.
PHR: Does location matter to you?

AH: No location will not play a factor in my decision, I am open to any location.
PHR: Growing up did you have a dream school or conference that you enjoy watching?

AH: I really enjoy watching the Big East and ACC conferences.
PHR: Talk a little bit about how your summer was on the AAU circuit?

AH: My summer was very good, I made all tournament team at the Bob Gibbons TOC, Pitt Jam Fest and the West Virginia Jam Fest. I also made the top 20 All-Star game at the HoopGroup Elite Camp.

PHR: Did you attend any camps this summer? If so how did you like them?

AH: I attended the Florida elite camp. It was a good experience for me because I got to see what it would be like to play for the Florida Gators.
PHR: How do you feel about the whole recruiting process?

AH: To be honest I really don’t worry about it too much I know if I play my game that my time will come.
PHR: Who is the best player you have ever played against?

AH: I have gotten the chance to play against a lot of talented players.
PHR: What were some of the deciding factors on transferring to Life Center?

AH: It came down to I wanted to play against better competition and play my regular position along with getting myself ready for college both academically and athletically.
PHR: Talk a little bit about what it’s like to play against national competition?

AH: It’s good to play against the top competition b/c it brings out the best in me and I can show everyone that I can play with anybody.
PHR: What parts of your game did you work on the most this summer to improve your game?

AH: I worked on improving my jump shot and tightening up my handle.
PHR: What goals have you set for yourself in your upcoming junior season?

AH: My goals for this year are to keep my grades up and helping my team win a national championship.
PHR: If you had to describe your game to a blind person what would you tell them?

AH: I would tell them my game is on another level.


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